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Principal Message

Principal , Sylhet Polytechnic Institute

A very minimum percent of the country are technically educated. Mostly some Engineering Universities. Polytechnic and mono technical institutes are trying their level best to increase this percentage up to the standard. Government is very much interested about Technical Education and spend more for modernization and improvement for quality technical education. Directorate of technical Education under the Ministry of education directly Supervise this system. After on 1959, it was renamed as a Sylhet Polytechnic Institute. It stands on Twenty Acres of land. There are one three stored academic building, two stored Computer and Electro-medical building, two boys hostels, one women hostel, One mosque, Two play Grounds.

Vice-Principle Message

Vice Principal , Sylhet Polytechnic Institute

It gives me immense pleasure to offer a happy welcome you on official website of Sylhet Polytechnic Institute. The Sylhet Polytechnic Institute was established in 1959 under Directorate of Technical Education (DTE)’ Government of Bangladesh. This is mandated to run four year Diploma-in –Engineering on seven disciplines Civil Technology, Electrical Technology, Mechanical Technology, Power Technology, Electronics Technology , Computer Technology & Electro-medical Technology.
This Institute has 150 teachers & staff and 3000 students. Sylhet Polytechnic Institute is a place where we not only strive to ensure quality education and learning to become an excellent engineer but also assimilate social responsibilities and ethical principles so that they can strongly and safely realize improvement in the lives of people. We accept your cordial suggestion and would be available for any clarification you may wish to ask.

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